7 main weaknessess of Indonesian National Football Team

November 27, 2007

ina-team-celeb-001.jpgBecause of my blog reader request, i’ll rewrite my posting title “7 kelemahan utama timnas Indonesia” in english version. I hope you enjoy it..

5 monts ago, Indonesia was holding Asian Football Cup and showed a high class football quality. It makes Indonesia peoples proud about their national team’s. But now, it becoming very worst.. What’s wrong with Indonesia National team’s?

There’s 7 Indonesian Football team Weaknesses :

  1. Indonesian player has a very bad football basic skills. To prove it, watch a passing, shooting, and positioning Indonesian Player. Compare it with European, Latino, or maybe Japan and South Korean. I believe you will agree with me.
  2. There is no an opportunist striker with a high sense of creating goal’s. Actually, Indonesia has Bambang Pamungkas as a good striker. But, he’s not an opportunist striker like Ruud Van Nistelrooy, or Samuel Eto’o. He was more capable to play in 2 striker mode than 3 striker with 2 wings.
  3. League Quality was running too far than national team quality. Look at England National teams. Their league improved becoming the best league in the world. What is an effect? foreign player was booming, so the local player must be compete them. Finally, the local same quality player will be the other choice because business and popularity reason. It makes, local player chose to play in lower team and they can’t improve their skills nor lacks of international match event. It was happened in Indonesia Leagues too. Now, Indonesian leagues was becoming one of the best league in south east asia. It makes the same condition with england premier league. Club will get the foreign player with same quality (maybe better) with a lower price. Good player won’t improved and choose to play in lower club level. It think the solution is naturalization and send Indonesia player to foreign leagues (in more competitive leagues like european league or Japan/South korean league). Naturalization can improved national team quality, and foreign leagues can makes local player feel a good atmosphere competition and becoming a good player.
  4. The worst management of PSSI (Persatuan Sepakbola Seluruh Indonesia).
  5. The worst regeneration of Indonesian football team. To analyze this reason, i have some fact. first, the frequency of football field in village was more than city. second, the air quality in village is more freshness than in city. From this fact, we can conclude that villagers has more probability to be a good football player than citizen. But why PSSI always try to seach a great player from city, not like the other sport?
  6. Indonesian player was playing with their body (physical contact), there’s not a genius player!! What is the carachteristic of genius player? They do a good decision, they can read the playing plot, and they combine logic and intuitive.  Paolo Maldini, Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, Juan Roman Riquelme, Kaka, Fabio Cannavaro, Andrea Pirlo, Franc Ribery, Miroslav Klose, Shunsuke Nakamura, Younes Mahmoud, Franz Beckenbauer, Michel Platini, Johan Cruijff is a genius player. In indonesia, there is Widodo C.Putro, Fachri Husaini, or Bima Sakti who use their brain to play football. Now, this type of player was very rare..
  7. The worst of mentality.

What are you waiting for PSSI? Let’s make a changes!!

I’m sorry ’bout my bad english structure huehehe…


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